Temporary exhibitions

In addition to the museum with its permanent exhibition, the Fort Teremba regularly hosts temporary exhibitions.
For 2022—23, it's the exhibition The Kanaks and the Prison which was made by The Marguerite Association in partnership with the Association Testimony of the past, which manages the historic site of Île Nou.

Current exhibition: “The Kanaks and the Prison”

The traveling exhibition The Kanaks and the Prison is the result of a collaboration between the Association Testimony of a Past, in charge of the Historic Site of Île Nou and theThe Marguerite Association, manager of Teremba Fort, to discuss an essential part of the country's history that is still little or poorly known to the general public.

It consists of 22 panels richly illustrated with engravings, plans, photos, some of which are unpublished and accompanied by texts written by several New Caledonian authors such as Louis-José Barbançon, Yves Mermoud, Manu Cormier, Manu Cormier, Manu Cormier, Manu Cormier, Emmanuel Cormier, Emmanuel Tjibaou, Emmanuel Tjibaou, Isabelle Amiot, Louis Lagarde or Christophe Sand.

The first part of this exhibition deals with the past with the collaborations, oppositions, and unions that characterize the multiple and complex relationships between Kanak society and the Prison Administration.
The second part aims to show all the importance, today and tomorrow, of assuming and sharing this history of ours and which, because of its exceptional nature, contains all the elements that make up the application for the classification of the New Caledonian prison as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as requested by the President of the 17th Government of New Caledonia, Louis Mapou.


After its inauguration on May 16, 2022, on the occasion of the International Day of Living Together, the exhibition, designed in duplicate, will follow an itinerary starting from Nouville, to the south and to the islands, and from the Fort Teremba to the center and the north, so as to present it in each of the municipalities of the Territory.