The Fort Teremba “Sound and Light” show

For more than 30 years, the Sound and Light show of Fort Teremba Bring back to life this witness of the New Caledonian past. Two hundred volunteers then work for two hours to provide joy and emotion to the 2,000 spectators present at each of the evenings.

Since 1987, the thousands of spectators who come to watch the Sound and Light show at Fort Teremba have been invited to a real journey into the past.

Each year under the spotlight and thanks to a succession of Tableaux Vivants, more than 200 extras fromMarguerite Association bring to life, for two hours, the big and the small moments of Caledonian history: the prison, the Kanak insurrection of 1878, the daily life of the colonists, the work of the Stockmen, the American presence in 1942...

And to end the evening, the Fort lights up, for twenty minutes, with the thousand fireworks of the most beautiful pyrotechnic show in New Caledonia.

To admire the show, you have two options: the bleachers which allow you to have a good view of the stage, or a free space where you come with your mat. Remember to take a small blanket, it can get chilly after dark. You can also bring your own picnic and enjoy it on site. Otherwise, food and drink stands are available at the entrance of the site to refuel

The latest shows

The Fort Teremba 2024 Sound and Light Show will take place on Saturdays October 12 and 19, 2024

The 2022 show: The O.S.S. in Teremba

The story: It's 1942
The secret services of the American Army (O.S.S.) are looking for a paralyzing power that has been held, since the dawn of time, by a single clan in New Caledonia. Her secret would be passed on through women. The only mention referring to it is in a letter written by a convict in 1884. This investigation, classified as a “secret defense”, will be conducted over the course of the living paintings.

The tables:
- At war
- The Japanese from Le Caillou
- Teremba: 1884
- Ball and escape
- The bush ride
- Caledonian women
- To the tune of bebop
- Pyrotechnic final
The 2021 show: Shipwreck in Teremba

We are in 1955, at the Banu de La Foa Hotel.

Guillaume Germy, now a journalist at Paris Match, is back in New Caledonia to try to elucidate the murder of a young woman wrongly attributed to Jean Duroc, one of the last “straw hats” in the New Caledonian prison (see Son and Light 2019). The investigation will lead our journalist and a police adjutant to go back in time through the Tableaux Vivants until the final pyrotechnic.

The tables:
- The shipwrecked of France II
- The ball in Teremba
- The mutiny
- The escape
- The arrest
- American maneuvers
- The stock race
- Fireworks
The 2019 show: The last “straw hats”

It is 1953.
A journalist from Paris decides to come to New Caledonia to report on the last prisoners still alive. It was Jean DUROC, sentenced in 1886 to 10 years of forced labor, freed and settled in Moindou who will be the main witness of this story full of suffering and even more surprises for himself and for the spectators who will plunge into this past through the Tableaux Vivants.

The tables:
- The arrival on Île Nou in 1886
- Teremba penitentiary - 1888
- In a tribe in 1915 indigenous school with the missionaries
- The market in 1923: the eventful arrest of Jean DUROC
- The rally - La Foa September 18-19, 1940
- The GI's La Foa in April 1942
- The centenary celebrations in 1953
- Fireworks

Posters of shows from 1987 to 2018

Practical information

The Sound and Light show takes place every year or two years, in June or October, at Fort Teremba in Moindou.

IN STEPS (provide a cushion) single rate at 4,000 francs per person.
EXCLUDING THE TIER (provide mat and cushion) 3,000 francs per person - free for children under 10 years old.
DISABLED RATE: contact the Fort at + 687 44 32 71
PRICES AT THE ENTRANCE TO THE SITE: 5000 francs (not recommended because there is no guarantee that there will be space)
CAPACITY: 1000 seats in natural terraces and 1200 seats on the ground.

The evenings can be chilly in July. We recommend that you bring a sweater or a blanket to cover yourself during the show.

- In Noumea: Ali Baba's Cave (+687 27 46 12), Optic 2000 Anse Vata (+687 28 35 81), Optic 2000 Anse Vata (+687 28 35 81) and Optic 2000 Place des Cocotiers (+687 27 46 12) - In Dumbéa-Sur-Mer: The Optician Dumbéa Mall (+687 46 26 45)
- In La Foa: Point I La Foa Tourism (+687 41 69 11)
- In Moindou: Teremba Fort (+ 687 44 32 71)

COMMUTE : 130 km/1h30 from Nouméa.
Shuttle bus: A/R Nouméa Teremba
Bus shuttle: A/R Bourail Teremba with Bourail Bus (+687 82 00 06)
Shuttle rate: 2,600 francs. Sale on (shuttle only or shuttle + entrance)

Supervised and secure on-site parking.

CATERING : possibility of catering on site with snack stands.

Contact the Tourist Office of La Foa, Farino, Moindou, Sarraméa at +687 41 69 11 or on: 
Due to the large number of visitors to the Moindou region for the Fort Teremba Sound and Light Show, we advise you to book your accommodation in advance (minimum one month before the show).

INFORMATION : at the Fort Teremba reception (open every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) or by phone at + 687 44 32 71.

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