History and presentation of the Marguerite Association

The Marguerite Association owes its name to the Marguerite footbridge which spans the La Foa river. This magnificent metal structure built at the beginning of the 20th century threatened, after its abandonment, to disappear completely, when in 1981 a handful of Lafoyens decided to do everything possible to restore it to its former brilliance.

The Marguerite Association was created, with the aim of saving and rehabilitating the historical heritage of the La Foa and Moindou region.

After long and incessant procedures, the Marguerite association obtained, in 1984, the classification of the Marguerite Footbridge as a Historic Monument. It would be necessary to wait another twelve years before the municipality of La Foa obtained the credits necessary for its complete restoration.

It was also in 1984 that the Marguerite Association decided to save from oblivion the Fort Teremba, a former prison in New Caledonia and a major place in New Caledonia's history. In 1989, it was purchased and classified as a Historic Monument. Since then, the site has been the subject of an ambitious rehabilitation and enhancement program led by the Marguerite Association and local authorities.

You can find all the stages of saving and restoring Fort Teremba since 1984, models and numerous photos of this major project to rehabilitate New Caledonian heritage, during a visit to the museum of Fort Teremba, in the part of the permanent exhibition located on the ground floor of the blockhouse.