The Heritage House

Caledonian society has been strongly marked by the history of prison, which remained taboo for many years. This past is now assumed and shared by all the communities that have established roots on this land.

This recognition necessarily involves the conservation and enhancement of the architectural heritage of prisons. The house of the commander of La Foa is a still present witness that we must restore and rehabilitate. The preservation of New Caledonian heritage is one of the missions of The Marguerite Association, created in 1981, which is why it has been working for many years to make this heritage known.

It was in 1895 that the construction of the house of the commander of La Foa was completed, at the very moment when Paul Feuillet, governor of the colony, obtained the Paris agreement to stop the convoys of convicts bound for New Caledonia. As part of the liquidation of its assets, the Prison Administration is auctioning off the building, which thus falls into the private domain. Several owners succeeded one another, including the Congregation of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, who acquired it in 1958 and occupied it until 2018.

Due to a lack of financial resources, the Congregation of Brothers is no longer in a position to maintain this large building. Consequences: masonry disorders are becoming more and more visible and worrying, especially in the areas of door and window arches.

In 2016, an emphyteutic lease was signed between the Congregation of the Brothers and the municipality of La Foa, followed by a management agreement between the municipality and the Marguerite Association in order to facilitate the safeguarding procedures.

On October 19, 2022, the Directorate of Culture, Youth and Sports of the Southern Province submitted an application for classification to the Commission on Historic Sites and Monuments, which after studying the file validated the classification of the building.

The project is divided into three phases:

- a first phase of securing the most vulnerable parties by co-financing between the participatory budget of the South Province and the municipality of La Foa.

- a second phase corresponding to the establishment of a sanitary condition of the building.

- a third phase relating to the protection of historic monuments to be supported financially and technically during conservation works.

- a fourth phase of rehabilitation of the commander's house.

Once the work is finalized, the Marguerite Association wishes to make this building a multi-purpose structure for cultural and scientific activities with accommodation, which can accommodate for stays of a few days to a few weeks, artist residencies, student researchers, historians, historians, young volunteers in civic service, etc.

Become a sponsor of the Heritage House

You too can contribute to the project to restore and rehabilitate the former house of the commander of the La Foa penitentiary.
How? Thanks to cultural sponsorship.

For more information, call +687 44 32 71, or send an email by clicking here

You can also send your donation directly by post to the following address: BP 95, 98880 La Foa, New Caledonia.

Practical information:

For several years, historical visits have been organized during Heritage Month in order to bring the house of the Commander of La Foa to life.

For more information, please contact us at +687 44 32 71.

Itinéraire pour se rendre à la Passerelle Marguerite :
A 1h30 de Nouméa.
Au village de La Foa.
Prendre la route derrière l’Office du Tourisme de La Foa.
En face des écuries de l'hippodrome de La Foa.
La maison se trouve dans l’enceinte du  collège Saint Dominique Savio.
- Parking gratuit à proximité de la Maison du Commandant de La Foa
- Accès à la Maison du Commandant de La Foa réglementé, uniquement sur réservation, ou lors de manifestations.
Adresse physique :  Mission des frères Sacré-Coeur, 98880 La Foa, Nouvelle-Calédonie