La Passerelle Marguerite

We invite you to the town of La Foa, to discover the Passerelle Marguerite, a superb suspension bridge over the water, a witness to the history of the region.

1906: a new bridge in La Foa: La Passerelle Marguerite

In 1906, Governor LIOTARD proposed to the General Council the construction of a suspended metal bridge, to replace the existing wooden bridge, but partially damaged by fire.
This project is part of the work program for the construction of new roads and the opening of a railway between Nouméa and Bourail.

The design and construction of this steel structure were entrusted to the Société Métropolitaine ARNODIN and to the engineer GISCLARD.
At Foa, the company PELTIER builds the two access ramps and the two masonry abutments.

In 1908, the Public Works Department assembled the various elements of this bridge: the two 8m high pylons, the 50m long deck and all the cables needed for suspension.

1909: The inauguration of La Passerelle Marguerite

The inauguration of the new bridge took place on January 25, 1909 in the presence of Governor RICHARD, surrounded by the civil authorities and the population of La Foa.
Marguerite RICHARD, the governor's wife and godmother for the occasion, has the honor of baptizing the footbridge, which takes the name of “Pont Marguerite”.

Foa can be proud to be at the forefront of technology by owning the only metal structure of this type in New Caledonia.

1950: The abandonment of the Passerelle Marguerite

A true gateway to the village, the footbridge is transformed into a triumphal arch on special occasions. But the use of increasingly heavier vehicles, particularly during the American presence, no longer allows its crossing limited to 4 tons.

From the 1950s, a slow and long period of abandonment began for the footbridge.

1984: The preservation of the Marguerite footbridge

In 1981, a handful of Lafoyens mobilized to try to save the footbridge. THEMarguerite Association was born.

In 1984 it obtained its classification as a Historic Monument. But it was not until 1996 that the numerous steps taken by the mayor of La Foa made it possible to obtain the 70 million credits necessary for its reconstruction.

1997: The reconstruction of La Passerelle Marguerite

Two metropolitan companies are responding to the call for tenders launched for the reconstruction, in an identical way, of the footbridge:
- the Arnodin company, still active
- the Eiffel company, renowned for its metal constructions.
It was the latter, associated with the Caledonian company Socalmo, that won the market.

Two months are required to complete the various assembly and load testing operations. On November 6, 1997, everything was ready for the inauguration and the accompanying “Sound and Light” show.

A new life can then begin for the Marguerite footbridge.

Practical information:

Accès à la passerelle Marguerite :

Itinéraire pour se rendre à la Passerelle Marguerite :
A 1h30 de Nouméa.

À l'entrée Sud du village de La Foa.

- Parking gratuit à proximité de la Passerelle Marguerite
- Accès à la passerelle gratuit
- Passerelle accessible à pied uniquement.

Adresse physique :  7RPH+5H5, RT1, La Foa, Nouvelle-Calédonie